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After 5 years of retirement from the sport of skateboard racing, SKRAAM peaked my  interest and in Summer of 2019 I announced I will be coming out of retirement for the race.
SKRAAM the a Skateboard Race Across America is a race modelled after the Trans-Am bike race or TABR. It will take competitors from the coast of Oregon to the coast of Virginia that will take me through more than 5000km of the united states. The race is self supported, which means the competitors must no receive help that isn't commercially available to all racers, and equipment must be kept in backpacks. You will be able to follow my progress here or on the Trackleaders website.
For more informations check out this Skatehorde article:   https://skatehorde.com/2019/06/27/skraam-ldp-race-across-america/
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